shadows scatter without a fire

english major, twenty one, idaho

more scared of you
than you are of me

"Well, the first thing I wanted to be was a carpenter. Then I wanted to be a painter and then a singer. It was when I first saw Lawrence of Arabia that I wanted to be an actor.”

\ | Lake Tahoe mountains
Inna Kostukovsky

super cool when a professor says that you’re going to have a quiz on one thing, and then decides to mention in class that the quiz is actually on two things.

you can’t fucking spring the plus-que-parfait on me like that when i’ve only studied for the conditionnel passé bro

went to a dive bar and a woman who called herself ‘mama’ bought me a wild turkey shot and then made me go to karaoke after she made me drink a blow job. i love idaho.


Bioshock’s RAPTURE by artist Tim Warnock.